One of our first harvests, Early Sweet has an alluring, creamy colour, excellent eating qualities and a prolonged shelf life. High yield quantities and good transportation capabilities make Early Sweet a popular choice for the local and international markets.


ARRA 15 is a unique and appealing white seedless variety. It is very fertile and has a strong vine. Its bunch is medium loose with a light colour. The berries are long, cylindrical-shaped and particularly crunchy. Its creamy, light green colour together with its bright, waxy-appearance and good shelf life make it very appealing to buyers.


ARRA 16 is a very fertile mid-season white variety. The bunch is attractive, loose hanging and uniform in size. The berries are large and with almost no seed trace which makes for excellent eating quality. Its good looks and the ease in which it grows makes it ideal for mass production – making it one of the best mid-season white varieties.


An early, white seedless variety, ARRA 30 is very fertile with large and naturally loose bunches. This variety has elongated, crunchy and sweet berries that have a light creamy colour. It has an excellent eating quality and holds up well on the vine,
as well as in cold storage.