• hillside

    1. Hillside

    The Hillside development was established in June 2015. During the following 12 months, soil preparation, as well as the installation of the irrigation and trellis systems, were completed. With much anticipation, planting of the vines commenced in the first week of August 2016, marking the start of a new chapter in the Silverlands story.

  • riverside

    2. Riverside

    Having been established in 1999, the Riverside farm has been producing fruit since 2001, with successful harvests year on year, making it one of the farm's most valued production units. Situated along the banks of the Orange River, the Riverside farm has a low pumping head and produces early grape varieties – harvesting green seedless, red seedless and black seedless table grapes from week 45 to week 52. Older varieties are being replaced with the highly productive new generation varieties and “taste” varieties.

  • lakeside

    3. Lakeside

    Neighbouring both the Hillside and Riverside farms lies the Lakeside farm, which was also established in 1999. A large portion of the farm was recently replanted in order to accommodate new and exciting grape varieties.

  • waterstone

    4. Waterstone

    This was the first farm in the valley to be developed in the 1980’s and benefits from river frontage, a low pumping head as well as being adjacent to the only lodge in the valley! Currently planted with 135 hectares of vineyards, the team have implemented a significant replanting program over the last 2 years, adding new and exciting cultivars. It also has its own cooling facilities where the grapes are moved once they are packed in the field.

  • Broadlands

    5. Broadlands

    Adjacent to the Waterstone pack-house, the business owns a substantial undeveloped block with potential vineyards of some 450 hectares with the goal to develop this area over the next few years. A beautiful and raw landscape, Broadlands is an exciting new project with soil preparation having already been started, the Broadlands farm is on track to becoming another world-class production unit in the Silverlands portfolio.

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