A mid-season, white to amber variety, the Cotton Candy grape is truly unique – offering a toffee/caramel flavour when eaten. An international favourite, this variety maintains flavour in storage for a long period and has high yield qualities.


A mid-season, black seedless variety, Sweet Sapphire colours very well naturally and stores well. It is recognised by its unusual shape, which is elongated and tubular with a dimpled end. The flavour is crisp, refreshing and sweet.


Sweet Globe is a mid-season, green, seedless globe variety. It’s crunchy with a good flavour profile and low acidity. The bunches contain naturally large and round to oval-shaped berries. The variety has fantastic cold storage capabilities and the stems hold very well - not bruising easily.


A very late, green seedless variety, the Sugar Crisp is the best of the late green seedless selection. It has large elongated berries, excellent colour, crispy firm texture and good flavour. The Sugar Crisp has excellent stem attachment - it’s highly productive and can be spur pruned.


ARRA 15 is a unique and appealing white seedless variety. It is very fertile and has a strong vine. Its bunch is medium loose with a light colour rachis. The berries are long, cylinder shaped and particularly crunchy. Its creamy, light green colour together with its bright waxy appearance make it very appealing to customers. The variety has a high acidity level and requires a high sugar level before harvest, to neutralize the acidity. This variety is planted in large scale around the world and has proven itself to be very rain resistant.


These berries look like red candy drops with a very appealing red colour. Not only does it have the appealing appearance of red candies, it also has that sweet candy taste. Candy drops also have a very good shelf life.


A new, mid-season red seedless variety, Candy Hearts are beautifully-rich red colour and taste just like butterscotch. They have a very good shelf life and cold storage capabilities.